Club Rules
Pool Area Rules

Pool Area Rules

Food and drink are not allowed at pool side.

No smoking on pool property at any time, including after-hours parties.

The pool will be cleared immediately in the event of heavy rain, hail, lightning, thunderstorms, tornado, unusually cool weather, or any other situation where the pool management deems necessary for safety or comfort. The pool may be reopened by management after the weather has been clear for at least 20 minutes. No guest refunds are made due to weather.

No climbing fences or deck rails.

No pets, glass items, or gum allowed in the pool area or on deck at any time.

As a courtesy, we ask that paper and other waste be placed in appropriate containers.

Do not touch basketball goal rim. NO SLAM DUNKS!

Children not potty trained MUST wear a swim diaper or diaper with plastic pants at all times while in either of the two pools. No children over four years of age permitted in the baby pool.

Do not annoy the lifeguards on duty. No extended conversations with lifeguards on duty.

NO RUNNING. No pushing, shoving, tag games, or rough play in the pool or on the deck.

No riding on shoulders.

Air mattresses, inner-tubes, nerf balls, noodles and water guns allowed in pool area are at the discretion of the lifeguards. (These typically will be prohibited during high utilization).

Only swimming apparel may be worn in the water. The only exception is white t-shirts to cover sunburn.

Concessions are provided for the members at the guard house.