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General Information

General Information

Initial WBSC Membership Dues are $275. This is a one time payment when you first join the club.

Annual Summer Fees are as follows:

  • Family Memberships - $540
  • Couples Memberships - $395
  • Singles Memberships - $285

Children under the age of 9 must be accompanied by a parent or a child care provider (age 13 or older). Children ages 9 – 12 must pass a swimming competency (one length of the pool) test to be allowed at the pool without parents or a child care provider (age 13 or older). Upon passage of the competency test, parents will complete an information card on the child to be kept at the pool in case of emergency.

Members are allowed to bring coolers with food and drinks (non-alcoholic).

No one with contagious or infectious conditions will be admitted to the pool.

All City of Columbia Health Regulations apply to West Broadway Swim Club.

The pool management is not responsible for loss or damage to personal property.

The service drive to the bathhouse should be kept free of vehicles and obstacles at all times. DO NOT PARK IN OR BLOCK THIS AREA.

Additional parking is available on Defoe Drive, and there is a walk-through provided to the pool. PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN FRONT OF THE PATH.