West Broadway Swim Club provides a great way for your family to get away from the summer heat and have some fun at the pool!
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Labor Day Hours
Labor Day Hours will be 10-5
10AM openings starting Aug. 21st.
After a request from a member, thank you Michelle, the WBSC Board has approved to have the pool open at 10AM on the following Saturdays and Sundays - Aug. 21, 27, 28 and Sept. 3, 4 and 5. Due to guard scheduling we could not start this weekend and due to a early private pool party we cannot open before 11AM on Aug. 20th. If enough members like the 10AM weekend openings then the Board will consider changing next year's weekend start times from 11AM to 10AM.
Thank you.
WBSC Board
No Annual Dues For The Remainder Of Summer
The West Broadway Swim Club board approved that for the rest of this summer, new members only need to pay the initial membership amount of $300 and the remainder of the annual dues will be waived. Then next year as paid members, you will only have to pay the annual membership dues.
Pool Hours Starting August 16th until September 5th
Sunday 10-8 pm
Monday-Thursday 5-8 pm
Friday 5-9 pm
Saturday 10-9 pm
This change in hours reflect Columbia Public School in session

Labor Day Hours 10-5 pm
Board Member Profile - Karen Kline
At the West Broadway Swim Club, it’s not just a pool, it’s a family. Karen Klein has been a member of the board of directors for nearly five years, and though her son has transitioned from the swim team to being a lifeguard at WBSC. Klein deeply cares about the swim team and its mission. She is also focused on all aspects of the pool and specifically the concession stand.

“We’re there all the time; my son’s there almost every day. It’s pretty much been his home away from home since he was nine,” said Klein. “The people are great and there is a family environment.”

To Klein, the swim club is more like a neighborhood pool; it’s a place where you know all the members and watch each other’s children grow together.

“You end up making friends and see other kids grow up,” said Klein. “Its like, oh my son used to play ball with him and he did this with that one, so it’s just a fun family environment.”

Klein began her involvement with the swim club as the swim team coordinator, taking care of things such as hiring coaches, organizing volunteers and waking up each morning to check for incremental weather. She now continues to oversee the swim team coordinator position, but focuses much of her attention now on the concessions.

“While my board title still says swim team, I act as a liaison between the members and our new swim team coach, Anne Sievers. A new part of my job will also be stocking our concession stand so that our manager can stay at the pool and not worry about buying food and drinks every day,” said Klein.

Klein knows it is important to have a variety of snacks for the members. The snacks will range from string cheese and yogurt; to ice cream and ice pops, keeping the kids hydrated in a fun way when its 95 degrees outside.

“Kids love to play in the water with their friends all day,” Klein said. “Good snacks are a way to keep them in a good mood when they’ve been swimming all afternoon, especially on a super hot day.”

Klein is also excited to hear how many swimmers improved with Sievers as their coach as she's a former Olympic trail athlete, who co-owns Synergy Sports. In fact in July, WBSC won the Show-Me Swim League Swim Championship this summer as a result of the growth our swimmers experienced in their stroke and speed efficiency.

“Sievers has a way of teaching, inspiring and training kids at all levels,” says Klein.

West Broadway Swim Club is poised for a future of great memories, life-long friendships and dedicated people coming in with a winning attitude to make the pool the best.