Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons

One session of swimming lessons are provided for free for member's children. An additional session may be purchased for $45.

Lesson Levels

Four levels of swim instruction are provided.

Level Content
Level 1

A water adjustment and exploration class designed especially for beginners in the water to develop beginning swimming skills and promote independent water movement. Ages 3 & Up.


  • streamlines
  • basic stroke skills
  • kicking skills
  • blowing bubbles and breath control
  • floating front and back while learning to roll from front to back, back to front
  • retrieve objects under water
  • pool safety and fun ways to learn to fall in love with the water

Level 2

(Passed Level 1) For little swimmers who are already moving independently through the water 5 yards (10 feet) with floatation device on front and close on back. Continue to help young swimmers grown independence in the water.


  • streamlines
  • introduces rotary breathing on freestyle with alternate arm action
  • elementary backstroke and straight arm backstroke with alternate arm action
  • kicking independently with kickboard on front and back
  • jumping into the water independently and swim back to the wall
  • encourage swimming several feet on their own without a floatation device

Level 3

(Passed level 2) For swimmers who are comfortable in the water and able to swim five feet with faces in the water and no floatation device.


  • streamlines off walls with front and back gliding
  • beginning stages of diving (kneeling)
  • rotary breathing on freestyle with alternate arm action (20 yards)
  • backstroke properly (thumb out/pinkie in) alternate arm action (15 yards)
  • elementary backstroke independently (20 yards)
  • treading water
  • introduction to butterfly

Level 4

Our highest level of lessons. For swimmers who have a very good understanding of freestyle and backstroke.


  • streamlines off walls and diving
  • freestyle for over 25 yards
  • backstroke for over 25 yards
  • learn how to count strokes from flags to wall on backstroke
  • treading water for over 1:00
  • butterfly arms, legs and body position
  • breaststroke arms, legs and body position
  • summersaults (beginning stages of flip turns)

Lesson Schedule

The swim lessons are currently being planned for the summer. They will be displayed here when ready.