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Admittance Policy

Admittance Policy

Members are required to present their membership cards at the front entry desk every time they visit the Club. Members who are unable to present their Membership cards may be refused entry into the pool. Each family member is requested to carry their membership card at all times when at the Club and present it on request. There will be no exceptions to this rule. Your membership cards will be available at the front desk on opening day.

Guests are welcome at West Broadway Swim Club. Members must present guest to staff at entry desk. Member may use one of their current year passes for their guest or pay $5.00 per visit per guest (No Limit to Visits). Guest must always be accompanied by WBSC Members. Members are responsible at all times for the behavior and acts of their guests while on Club premises. Change will not be available, correct amount will be expected. If you are planning on more than 15 guests at one time, please call ahead. 10 guest passes are included with paid summer dues. If additional passes are needed, they can be purchased then downloaded from the West Broadway Swim Club website Membership Section. Additional passes cost $30 for a sheet of 10.

A Child Care Pass may be purchased by a family for the season for $25. This pass may be purchased by any family member and used by one child care provider per visit. The pass is intended to be used by member families desiring to send their children to the pool with a care provider. It can be used by more than one individual during the season; therefore, if you have numerous daycare providers during the summer, each would be able to have use of the pass on the day they are providing child care. It is identified by the member family name, not the care provider’s name.